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Our Story

Founded in 2021, Red Bison Consulting Group's goal is to help firms of all sizes achieve their marketing, revenue, and profitability objectives. We provide services ranging from market research, market analysis, sales + marketing strategy development, full-funnel advertising strategies, and content creation.

Our goal is to help where we can - if we can't, we will be transparent with you and help refer you to someone who can.

Why the Name?

We were inspired by the adaptability of the American Bison that have found a way to exist in every climate presented to them in North America - from the snow-capped Tetons to the blistering hot plains of West Texas.


We aim to make your business strategy just as adaptable and successful, whether that is through a period of stagnated sales, product/service expansions, or meeting the needs of an everchanging market.

Our Team

Richard LaChance
Managing Partner

Richard LaChance, the Managing Partner of Red Bison Consulting Group, has extensive marketing and advertising experience across several industries, including Automotive, Financial Services, Utilities, and Consumer Products. He firmly believes in being customer-centered in all firm movements and this is most effectively done through marketing.

Richard earned his BS from Michigan State University  (Advertising Management) and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Vanderbilt University (Marketing, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship). He lives in Metro Detroit, with his significant other and dog.



Phone: 248-914-3371


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