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RBCG #1: Charging Ahead

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Hi there Reader,

I'm Richard LaChance, the Founder and Managing Partner of Red Bison Consulting Group (RBCG). I am elated to begin charging ahead with this entrepreneurial journey and aim to provide tangible value to future clients. In the vein of Simon Sinek's bestseller, I will start with the Why: why start RBCG in the first place?

There is one driving reason for launching this venture: I have a passion for helping businesses grow their customer base, customer satisfaction, and ultimately their revenues. Nothing in this world brings me more joy than a client's feedback that our work is having a positive impact on their business. RBCG will accomplish this not through "pie-in-the-sky" projections or cookie-cutter ideas, but a customized recommendation based on your unique business needs, goals, and desires. While RBCG is young, we are growing and currently have experience marketing brands across industries (automotive, financial services, consumer products, technology) and across business needs.

RBCG will offer services including, but not limited to, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Research, Market Analysis, Growth Plan Development, and Strategic Advisory. We want to help where we have strong expertise while being transparent where we do not.

If you have read this far, by now you're probably wondering what's with the name. I have been a long-admirer of the adaptability and strength of the North American Bison, which is one of the few animals to survive in almost all North American climates. Our goal is to take inspiration from these adaptable mammals and create a marketing strategy, marketing plan, or overall battle plan, so that your business can adapt and thrive in your market.

I am excited to see where this journey takes us! Please join the RBCG mailing list to receive our quarterly newsletter and regular content updates. Finally, please reach out to me if you are interested in any of the services listed or have a project in mind.


Richard LaChance

Managing Partner

Red Bison Consulting Group (RBCG)

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